Reddit Mods Censoring Posts They Don’t Want You To See

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Over the past couple of weeks, there’s been more and more evidence coming to the surface to suggest that some of the mods over at some of Reddit’s top subs are censoring what their users can and can’t see.

This all goes back to the end of February, when Glen Greenwald’s Report on how US and UK Government Agencies infiltrate and manipulate online activity in order to destroy reputations or swing public opinion was banned from being posted to Reddit’s /r/News and /r/WorldNews.

All links to Greenwald’s report were removed, Articles discussing the report including Washingtons Blog’s and Examiner’s were removed.

Redditors were pretty quick to hit on that something wasn’t quite right here with a few raising the alarm.

One of the Mods, BipolarBear0 responded to the onslaught of public criticism by revealing that yes, they do filter links submitted to their subreddit, but it’s only to keep it ‘factual’:

We do indeed run a filter list of domains. They are categorized in a few ways, and every single domain listed violates one/all of our stated rules in some regard:

Opinion/Analysis. This section includes domains such as Alternet, DemandProgress, and OpposingViews – basically any domain which predominantly purports misleading or analytic content, or opinionated content (such as op-eds), or content which intends to promote one cause over another. /r/news is for strictly factual news reporting, and as such opinion posts and analysis posts are removed.

Not news. This section includes domains such as, and While these may be mostly self-evident, the section is added to filter out any non-news stories, something which to an extent goes hand in hand with our limitation on opinion and advocacy posts as described above.

Satire. The reasoning behind the filtering of these domains is pretty self-evident.

Unreliable source. Basically any source which has proven to be highly unreliable or misleading. Included are a few conspiracy domains, as well as any other unreliable outlet – like self-reporting services or personal blogs.

Rebloggers. Basically any domain which engages heavily/solely in the copying and pasting of other journalists’ work in an attempt to pass it off as their own.

Spam. Almost entirely consisting of domains which are submitted by the spammers which you’ll sometimes see plaguing the ‘new’ queue at night in the United States, with titles like “bus service Delhi” or “best SEO marketing”.

Now I know that each subreddit is it’s own independent board, with it’s own independent rules. The mods aren’t obliged to take a neutral position, they can (and do) remove links they just don’t like.

But in a default subreddit that is promoted by Reddit themselves we would (and should) expect the subreddit to be trustworthy and neutral.

But this kind of behaviour isn’t just confined to /r/News and /r/WorldNews, /r/Technology, one of Reddit’s largest subs has also been guilty of removing content that the moderators just don’t like.

Over the past couple of weeks more and more people have been asking just why are all posts and discussion related to Tesla Motors banned?

Those who dare to speak out against the mods find themselves banned and their thread deleted.

The guys over at /r/Undelete have compiled a list of all the keyword terms that appear to be banned from /r/Technology:

  • NSA
  • Comcast
  • Anonymous
  • Time Warner
  • SOPA
  • TPP
  • Swartz
  • FCC
  • Flappy
  • net neutrality
  • Bitcoin
  • GHCQ
  • Snowden
  • spying
  • Clapper
  • Congress
  • Obama
  • Feinstein
  • Wyden
  • anti-piracy
  • FBI
  • CIA
  • DEA
  • Condoleezza
  • EFF
  • ACLU
  • National Security Agency

Now I don’t know about you, but a lot of those keywords seem to be related to a lot of political pressure recently, most notably the NSA and GCHQ Surveillance schemes.

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How to use Google Authorship on Your Blog

As a blogger, Google authorship is one of the best tools you have in your arsenal to boost your ranking in Google, as well as also increase your click through rate from search results.

Google Authorship

Google authorship is part of Google’s rich snippets update. It takes structure data from a webpage and then displays it alongside the search results.

Google Author in the Search Results

Apart from looking pretty nifty, it serves as a really good way to get more traffic to your site. Visual content on the results page really stands out, and instantly catches the eye.

Google Authorship SERP Click Map

This click map, courtesy of Google’s own research, shows exactly how much authorship can affect the click through rate on the search results page. You can see that the site that is using authorship, is actually getting more traffic than the top two ranking sites. If this isn’t enough to convince you to intergrated Google Authorship into your blog right now, I’m not sure what will.

Link Google+ to your content

If you don’t have a Google+ account, then you’re going to need to sign up for one. Authorship uses information from your Google+ profile to aid ranking and display information on the search results page.

One you’re in Google+, go to your profile’s about tab, and then click on the edit button under ‘Links’.

Google plus contributer

Under the ‘Contributor to’ settings, add your Blog’s name and URL as a Current contributor. Make sure to set this to ‘Public’ otherwise it will not appear in the search results.

Adding Rel Author to your blog

Now that we’ve let Google know that you write for your blog, we can move on to implementing the rich snippets markup into your blog template.

<a href="***Author Google+ Profile Link Here***" rel="author">Joe Bloggs</a>

This code will make a hyperlink to your Google+ profile. You can put that into either your theme, or your blog posts. Simply replace the url with that of your Google+ profile, and change your name in the link.

You can also add the markup in the header of your theme. Since it’s hidden in the header of the page, it’s only read by the browser, so the link is invisible to the user, but Google can still read it without a problem.

<link href="***Author Google+ Profile Link Here***" rel="author" />

Test the results

We should now be almost finished. All there is to do now is to see if it worked. Google has made a brilliant rich snippets testing tool for getting at least a rough idea of what your webpage will look like in the search results.

authorship working in the search results